As spring begins to sweep across the contiguous United States, winter seems to be holding fast in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the place producer Milinal (a.k.a. Valentine Yakovlev, pictured above) calls home, and where this week’s weather forecast includes snow, rain, and more snow. A silver lining to the harsh Russian winter is perhaps its limiting effect on distractions outside of the studio, which may have aided in the completion of Milinal’s new 10-song record, Forest, released via Jumble earlier this month. The album is less experimental than his earlier post-rockish efforts, but retains the atmospheric iciness of previous material. Here, on Forest‘s finale, fellow Saint Petersburg resident Monokle gives the title track a laid-back, glitch-hop feel, swapping out chilling plucked strings for mellow piano chords and entirely removing the cold, lo-fi vocals. Take a look after the jump for a full streaming preview of the album, as well as its artwork and tracklisting.

1. Forest
2. Gratitude
3. Faults and All
4. Monmil Jet
5. First Date
6. Inner Vibrations
7. Sawdust
8. Animal Rescue Force
9. Brighten
10. Forest (Monokle Remix)

Forest (Monokle Remix)