The fourth release on Italian label Subsidence will be Francisco López‘ Sonic Seeds, set to arrive on December 14.

Francisco López is an internationally renowned sound artist who, across a forty year career, has crafted a stunning collection of works based on a profound listening of the world. For his latest outing, López has created two effortless sonic journeys from the sound of seeds. The first piece, “untitled#146,” was created by extensive mutation and evolution of a 30-second seed sound fragment provided by Jørgen Larsson, while the second, “untitled#156,” used seed sound sources (eight 3-second fragments) provided by Jorge Haro. The pieces are endlessly evolving conceptual noise compositions that demand the listeners attention.

In support of the release, the label has offered up a new composition created by the Subsidence crew (, Matter, Prg/m), which was crafted from the artist’s sound seeds. The haunting nine-minute piece is an exercise in subtly, slowly evolving through a range of dense textures and intricate sounds.

You can grab the exclusive track below, with Sonic Seeds available for pre-order here.

Sonic Seeds (Subsidence Collective mutation)