LA-based MC Juakali begins this track off with a message for its listeners claiming they’ve been asking for “some more of that space, some more of that spirit, some more of that dub” and calmly letting us know the lyrics to the chorus before the track even begins to kick in. Whether or not we asked for it, Juakali delivers on his promise to bring the space as this Plastician production relies heavily on dark and distant tones that crawl like NASA’s Mars Rover, exploring every nook and cranny of the vast, dubbed-out world the track inhabits before returning us to the steady, tribal beat that’s been its driving force since the beginning. “Freak You Back” is the title track of Juakali’s forthcoming EP (to be released February 4), which will also include remixes from Tes La Rok and fellow LA resident DLX along with one more original tune.

Freak You Back