It’s pretty easy to say that Tobias Freund has an impressive resume. The German dance-music veteran has had the pleasure to work with artists as disparate as Milli Vanilli and Ellen Allien. Despite being an in-demand sound engineer, the man has also enjoyed a successful career as a producer of some of the finest minimal techno to come out of Germany. Last month XLR8R reported on Leaning Over Backwards, the upcoming full-length from Tobias Freund’s brand-new, streamlined moniker, Tobias. With the album’s imminent release, he’s put on offer “Free No. 2,” a track that navigates through underwater electro-funk of the Drexciyan variety, complete with pressurized atmospheric synthesizers and snappy drum programming. “Free No. 2” is an exclusive, an alternate version of album cut “Free No. 1” to be exact, but nonetheless hints at the high quality of Leaning Over Backwards, which drops July 4 via Ostgut Ton.

Free No 2