As long as artists can have names linked to celebrities without having to explain the association or reasoning (i.e. Com Truise, Hype Williams, etc.), then why not long-dead political and social figures as well? Enter Karlmarx, the New Zealand-based duo of brothers (with different last names) Isaaz Aesilli and Mark McNeill, who have shared with us this cut from their forthcoming debut LP for the Cologne-based Melting Pot imprint. “Futuro” finds the brothers exploring a symphonic take on electronic music, one in which string-like synths (or possibly heavily processed string samples) flutter joyously atop a subdued electronic soundscape. Sometime between the pair’s constant manipulation of the track’s underlying elements and the tune’s flashes of gurgling arps, Karlmarx playfully twists and turns the song’s initial melody, weaving it through a variety of sounds and one-off variations as the beat gradually skips to the end of its two-and-a-half-plus minute run. “Futuro” is only the first taste from this down-under duo, whose debut LP, The Karlmarx Project (artwork above), is slated for release June 3.