G Markus is a previously anonymous side project from Monologues Records label head Ben Gomori.

So far, the project has release credits on Exploited, Roots For Bloom, Sinnmusik*, Melodymathics, and Monologues, as well as three volumes of G-Edits 12″s, and a string of free edits via Soul Clap Records. There are also releases scheduled on Gator Boots, Music For Freaks, and Beats Of No Nation. The G Markus alias was originally conceived by Gomori as a way to release weirder music than he is known for under his own name, as he explains:

“I started the project as I wanted to make deeper, freakier, trackier stuff than I was known for under my own name. It was a breath of fresh air starting from a blank canvas and sending music to labels anonymously with no preconceptions, having no social media and so on. I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved with it and the project will continue to have a life of its own and be my superhero alter ego. This track, “Make Me A Woman,” is one of my favorite jams I’ve made as G. Markus, produced on my Korg Electribe sampler with a legendary diva in the mix.”

In support of the project’s unmasking, Gomori has offered up “Make Me A Women” as today’s XLR8R download, available via WeTransfer below.

Make Me A Woman