We first heard from Aukland, New Zealand-based producer Keepsakes in spring of 2013, when the artist had crafted five strong-armed bass hybrids for the Night Echoes EP, released via Polish label Sequel One. Now, Keepsakes is set to return to the label next month with the Stygian Concrete Works EP, another five-track affair that finds the man building sturdy bass constructions, but with his aims now shifted more towards the techno side of the spectrum. With “Galso in Camo” serving as our first taste, the shift appears to suit Keepsakes well—across a chugging five minutes, the track splices burnt synth stabs atop forceful thuds and, which push the production closer to the edge at a fearlessly brooding pace. Keepsakes’ Stygian Concrete Works EP will see its official release on September 13.

Galso In Camo