This mellow slice of moody electronics marks the debut of a new collaborative project between West Coast producers Boreta (of Glitch Mob fame) and Comma, both of which have separately built solid reputations for themselves crafting bass-heavy music that has rarely approached the kind of tranquil sounds displayed on “Geometer.” Collectively working under the name Slidecamp, the two have offered up the opening track from their self-titled debut EP, which sees its release today through, of all places, the Glitch Mob-run Glass Air imprint. Amongst the the tune’s warm, floating core, there are still traces of the manic beat work one would expect from this partnership, mainly found in the ADD-style programming which places an innumerable amount of clicks and glitches between the track’s steady hip-hop beat. Strangely enough, this welcome expansion on the two producers’ respective catalogs seems peculiarly aligned with another member of the Glitch Mob crew’s past, as we can’t help but to hear faint echoes of edIT‘s Crying Over Pros for No Reason swirling beneath this melodically melancholy outing.