Belgian label Taub Recordings has been in operation since early 2015, promoting and releasing house, tech-house, and techno from a range of artists such as Leesa, Don Rimini, Cachette, and Gewelt, a Belgian duo who provide the label’s latest EP, I’m Left/She’s Right.

Released last month, I’m Left / She’s Right is the second time Gewelt have appeared on Taub, following up their smooth 2015 EP Charity. Like Charity, the latest EP is a collection of melodically rich house cuts, with the two originals arriving with two remixes from NY Stomp—an alter ego of prolific veteran Gerd.

Not on the release is Gewelt’s acid dub of EP cut “She’s Right,” a bonus track being offered as today’s XLR8R download. As is the case with most dubs, especially those of the acid variety, the track has a much tougher edge than the original, focusing on chunky percussion and a rolling acid line.

You can pick up Gewelt’s acid dub below, with the full EP available over at Beatport.

She’s Right (Gewelt’s Acid Dub)