Citing an array of influences including “’90s anime, Japanese contemporary art, nature, and eastern architecture,” as well as prominently using Japanese katakana in its social media, international duo Shinamo Moki (a.k.a. Auryn Tate and Felix Treadwell) has used its unique cultural flair on a new remix for Brighton band Hypnotized (pictured above). Reinterpreting the original song from the band’s Telesto EP (set to drop via Love Thy Neighbour on March 24), “Ghost Walk (Shinamo Moki Remix)” opens up with a gruff vocal snippet of a man speaking in Japanese, after which the track moves towards a mix of maraca-led rhythms and spacey sounds. Taking care to preserve the psychedelic nature of Hypnotized’s sound, Shinamo Moki’s warm groove is a medley of swooping synths weaving their way through the bouncy production.

Ghost Walk (Shinamo Moki Remix)

Ghost Walk (Shinamo Moki Remix) 1