Reimagining Miyazaki is the ambitious debut instrumental mixtape from Ghosting, a new moniker from influential Melbourne producer Andrei Eremin. The mixtape is inspired by the soundtracks of iconic anime director Hayao Miyazaki’s work. Each track on the mixtape uses samples from Miyazaki’s feature films, transporting them to an awe-inspiring new dimension—once you hear the music, it’s obvious this will become a sought-after classic and one that is treasured not only by Miyazaki fans but music lovers in general.

The mixtape combines Eremin’s signature shimmering sonic palette with swinging grooves, melancholic synths, and rumbling bass—Eremin’s work sits comfortably alongside luminaries such as Bonobo, Sun Glitters, and Tycho. In creating the project’s artwork, and for inspiration, Eremin flew to one of Miyazaki’s inspirations, as he explains:

“What began as a fleeting thought about how I could organize cover artwork for the mixtape somehow turned into me booking a flight to Taiwan for the next week, fast-tracking a passport and studying a Chinese learning app relentlessly until I left (turned out to be fruitless). All for the same price of a commissioned piece, bless globalism.

Why Taiwan and not Japan? There’s a coastal mining town 45 minutes out from Taipei called Jiufen, famous for being the inspiration behind Hayao Miyazaki’s revered film Spirited Away. He’s since denied it but the resemblance is unquestionable. Narrow tunnels and cobblestone laneways, shrouded by steam from the countless dumpling, dessert, and barbecue meat cookers to keep you warm from the relentless rain and fog. I’m not exaggerating, it rained for 80 hours straight when I was there—two simultaneous raincoats couldn’t keep me dry.”

Reimagining Miyazaki will arrive May 12 via Wondercore Island and ahead of that, you can download “One Summer (Spirited Away)” via WeTransfer below.

One Summer (Spirited Away)