Not to be confused with the production of Italian-Disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder, New York-based experimental artist Giorgio Moroser approaches his production in a much different way, one that more resembles a sacred ritual put on by a large and brooding phantom. Quitting his Black Metal band and leaving his native Norway for NYC two years ago, Giorgio started creating music that combined his love for hip-hop, horror films, and UK Garage while holding onto his Black Metal roots. After completing his self-titled debut EP in May of this year, Moroser buried the master tapes along, with a vile of his blood, three of his favorite records, and other personal artifacts. Digging them up after 23 days, Moroser believed the act would give the music a “literal earthly quality.”

A truly unique concoction of sounds, Moroser has offered up the EP cut “Can’t Stay” as one of today’s XLR8R downloads. Using distant, pitched, off-kilter vocals that sway alongside a steel drum, warbling synths, and score-like strings, the eerie and genderless tune captures the essence of zombies looking for a brain snacks in a post trap world.

Can’t Stay