Once we got the tip over on FACT that Actress was hooking up the web with a free track, we were happy to help spread the good word about producer Darren Cunningham’s latest innovative tunes. Truthfully, we though it would be a bit more of the slow-burning, subtly nuanced electronics that we’ve come to expect from Actress, but “Git It” is something entirely different—it’s as close to club music as Cunningham is likely to get. A strong IDM vibe runs through the hurried clicks, disjointed thumps, and hypnotic melodies of the tune, which appropriately kicks off with a vocal stating, “This one’s for the ladies.” And while we wouldn’t mind “Git It” kickstarting a new direction for Actress, the MP3 was initially tagged with “HAZYVILLE LP” in the “Album” section, so this is likely a cut that didn’t make the cut on his 2008 debut. We’re glad to hear it, anyway.

Git It