After first appearing on the scene with its debut release last month, the fledging Amadeus imprint has already returned with a new EP from British producer Tomas Rubeck. The Midland-based artist’s Glass Plates EP (artwork above) is touted as a work of “spatial techno,” one that “hints towards the experimental side of the 4/4 spectrum.” While that’s an adequate summary of the original tunes found on the label’s newest endeavor, this remix from Lawrence Black has its feet firmly planted in house, as it infuses Rubeck’s title track with touches of warm chords and a skipping, infectious beat. And if you’re interested to hear what the rest of the Glass Plates EP has to offer, you’ll find a streaming preview of the release if you follow the jump.

01 Glass Plates
02 Lattitude
03 Midnight Gallery
04 Glass Plates (Lawrence Black Remix)

Glass Plates (Lawrence Black Remix)