If Lil Silva‘s associations with the Night Slugs crew, multiple excellent releases, or his stellar XLR8Rpodcast hadn’t convinced you of the talent this young London-based producer possesses, then his ability to breathe life into this track from The Streets should do the trick. Dropping all discernible elements from the original “Going Through Hell,” save the first line of the first verse and part of the chorus, Lil Silva turns the track into an absolute banger by employing some dark synth stabs, hyperactive percussion, and a healthy dose of bass. Silva skillfully controls the track, not allowing it to fully kick in until around the two-minute mark, and even then not letting the climax stick around for too long, as he continues to break down the track and take us through the many rhythms he’s got up his sleeve. It’s impressive work—the only thing we might ask him to do different next time is drop an instrumental version as well. (via FACT)

Lil Silva – Going Through Hell RMX