Paris native Surkin released his USA LP for the tight-knit Marble crew late last year, and subsequently invited a vast crew of producers to remix the album. This group had one characteristic in common, and that was the ability to calibrate a sweaty club environment for maximum dancefloor impact, sparing no wallflowers in the process. From hometown heroes Brodinski, Club Cheval, and Canblaster to boundary-breakers Rustie and the Night Slugs crew, it seems that Surkin has an ear firmly in tune with a wide swath of raucous parties. The collection (artwork above) dropped last week, but Surkin has since let loose the Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990‘s remix of “Gold Island,” which sees the Night Slugs ruffians dissecting the original’s stems to create a six-minute burner complete with Bok Bok’s signature grime stabs and L-Vis 1990’s reverb-washed, peak-time chord progressions. Fueled by these well-balanced elements, the track gallops into a frenzy before opening into a string-infused breakdown at the four-minute mark, after which we’re placed reassuringly back into the booty-shaking fray. You can check out the entire remix package from Marble and Surkin, here.

Gold Island (Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 Re