Joel Shanahan is no stranger to rocking numerous aliasas when preparing his projects, and with releases spread out across multiple labels like 100% Silk and 1080p, and now a new release on CGI Records as Golden Donna, its no wonder Shanahan keeps a plethora of production names in his pocket. After proudly supplying two of his next-level cuts for one of CGI records earliest split releases, the Golden Donna moniker is back for a full four-track EP called Seedy Approach. The tracks chosen for this release open up listeners and dancers to a deeper and more diverse side of the multi-named producer. Switching things up for the B-side of Seedy Approach, Mr. Donna treats us to a more melodic, reflective side of his palette. “Secrets” is at once cavernous and verdant, quickly evolving and filling the echoscape with lush, dreamy chords and a whispery texture that is both inviting and comforting, all the while in mutant symbiosis with a percolating and undulating percussion.