Founded in 2006, the eclectic French record label InFiné has over one-hundred-fifty releases under its belt from a large array of well-respected artists including Apparat, Oxia, Rone, and label co-founder, Agoria. To celebrate its ninth anniversary, InFiné released the eleven track compilation album Explorer #1 on August 28. The multifarious compilation refuses to stick to a single genre and features tracks that are strictly classical and atmospheric, while others have a rigorous, dance-oriented attitude.

French DJ and producer Gordon, who has been a central component of the label’s success, has offered up his cut “What You Want” as an exclusive download on XLR8R. The track is an unshakeable and rousing house jam with a spruce demeanour, using a multitude of sensuous vocal samples on top of lush drums that give the song its fashionable warmth and style. This is the second Gordon track that we have featured in our download section, you can download his previous cut, “MK Ultra,” off his debut EP, Bleu Merleby going here.

Be sure to download the track below and check out the rest of the compilation Explorer #1 by going here.

What you Want