Mountain rave. That’s the term one-time Pit Er Pat co-founder Butchy Fuego has conjured up to describe the music he’s creating for his new solo project, San Gabriel. After several years spent largely in the background, drumming with the likes of Boredoms, Nite Jewel, Lucky Dragons, and Rainbow Arabia while also jumping in the studio with a diverse array of artists like Julia Holter, Sun Araw, These Are Powers, and Nguzunguzu, Fuego will be striking out on his own with VOLFE, the debut San Gabriel LP that’s scheduled to drop in May via the rapidly expanding Time No Place imprint. “Gore Text” is the first taste of what San Gabriel has to offer, and it’s an ominously lurching production powered by cinematic melodies, thick bass tones, stuttering drum patterns, and spooky vibes. Listening to the track, Fuego’s time spent with Nguzunguzu is readily apparent, although the music of San Gabriel is less manic—albeit no less weird—than that of his friends in the Fade to Mind-affiliated duo. This weekend, San Gabriel will be making its live debut in Palm Springs as part of the Time No Place: Label Weekend at the Ace Hotel. If the rest of his tunes sound anything like “Gore Text,” people will be hitting the road and heading to the desert in droves.

Gore Text