Evan Reiner (a.k.a. Gossamer) turned to electronic music production after attending Boston’s Berklee School of Music and, we have to say, we’re glad he did. Reiner trades in beautiful, nostalgic-tinged beat music, with a focus on field recordings and guitar work. His debut LP, Automaton, landed on the always-on-point Innovative Leisure imprint on July 10, and is a gorgeous collection of tracks driven by floating atmospherics and field recordings—from Tokyo to Pasadena’s eerie Devil’s Gate Dam. Like a drifting daydream, the LP wanders into your subconscious with a warm embrace, taking you into Reiner’s delicate world and before you know it, the LP is on its third repeat through. In support of the release, Reiner has offered up LP cut “3d Relief,” a four-and-a-half minute slice of electronics highlighting Reiner’s Asian influences. You can grab “3d Relief” for free below, with the full LP available here.

3d Relief