Los Angeles producer Evan Reiner (a.k.a Gossamer), will release his latest full-length release, Imperishable, on July 6 on Innovative Leisure.

The producer, guitarist, synthesizer scientist, and field recorder utilized sounds from around the world, sourcing from his years living in Japan as well as his home in Los Angeles to create “a bottomless sea of found sound and ambient soundscapes,” the label explains. 

We’re told that Imperishable is less an album than an environment all its own, or a journey into the unexplored. Gossamer’s ambient soundscapes are said to “unfurl like the passing countryside viewed from a train: patient, deliberate, expansive and infinite. The LP also features co-production from Sonny DiPerri, who’s worked with Animal Collective and Portugal The Man. 


01. I – Embrace Of Light 

02. II – Path To Understanding

03. III – Encounter

04. IV – Visitation

05. V – Awakening In Sleep

06. VI – Halls Of Reflection

07. VII – Grace

08. VIII – Into The Endless Void

In support of the release, available on Friday, you can download “VIII – Into The Endless Void” in full via the WeTransfer button below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.