It can at times seem overwhelming to keep up with the pace that the UK churns out new beatmakers, but it usually proves worth the effort, as, more often than not, one can happen upon some really talented producers while looking for fresh names within the bass music spectrum. One such name is Beacon, a young producer with a handful of promising tracks to be heard on his SoundCloud, the latest of which he’s offered up for download here. With its pitched vocal refrain and tuned percussion, “Got Mine” is a slice of Night Slugs-style bass with a touch of Mount Kimbie and a hint of [name-another-well-regarded-UK-post-dubstepper here]. That’s not to say that Beacon’s work is a complete derivative, but rather it’s a new amalgamation of the sound permeating throughout the forward-thinking UK music culture, one he seems to understand enough to move beyond replication and begin the process of leaving his own imprint. With his “Got Mine” white label on its way and a forthcoming release for the Seinan Music label due sometime in the future, we suggest you keep your eyes and ears open for more.

Got Mine