The Grandbrothers duo is made up of Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel, two German musicians who met while attending university in Dusseldorf. Together, the pair combine synthesis, rhythmic programming, and live piano to craft modern classical hybrid compositions that would sit nicely alongside much of Nils Frahm’s and the Erased Tapes’ catalog. Dilation, Grandbrothers’ debut LP, however is set to land via Berlin’s FILM label in the coming months, including “Wuppertal” in its run. Spanning just over four minutes, the composition is led by cascading melodies—both from the piano and plucked strings—which weave together atop sparse layers of live percussion and subtle sound manipulation. A rush of syncopated patterns, “Wuppertal” is as hypnotic as it is rich, ultimately serving as a fine introduction to the burgeoning Grandbrothers pair’s forthcoming 12-track debut album, which is set to see its official release on March 23.