A French artist with a number of years of DJing and producing under her belt, Flore will launch the Polaar label early next month with her own RITUAL Part 1 EP. Consisting of tracks extracted from her current Ritual live A/V show—which is said to question “the visceral relationship between art and the holy throughout history”—the crunchy “Graved on Stone” is set to close out the forthcoming three-track effort. Beginning with dubbed chord stabs and a series of static-laden hits, “Graved on Stone” spends little time before laying into its thick rhythms; composed of metallic booms and clangs, as well as a series of machine-rendered toms, the production ultimately reveals itself to be a precisely crafted piece of industrial-minded club music. Ahead of its release on November 4, Flore’s upcoming RITUAL Part 1 EP can be streamed in full after the jump.

Graved on Stone