Chicago producer Ultrademon and New Jersey Brick Bandits affiliate DJ Kiff have just released their collaborative Bubbles EP via Coral’s Bandcamp. Although the pairing seems rather random, the tunesmith’s respective styles and sonic inclinations complement one another surprisingly well. For example, “Green Room Hill Zone” reps some typical Jersey Club vocal chops, though the samples are brought down in the mix to make room for the squelchy synthesizers and water-drop sound effects. Ultrademon & DJ Kiff’s tune continues to explore new sounds during the half-time breakdown—including trancey synths, thudding hip-hop percussion, and various sound bytes. The pair also dropped a CGI-heavy video for another track from the Bubbles EP, the hyper-active and super-melodic “Yr So Wet 3.0,” which you can check out after the jump.

Green Room Hill Zone