Ben Vida’s been unleashing a steady output on kranky since 2000, and a forthcoming untitled release marks the third full-length under his Birdshow guise. Calling Vida a multi-instrumentalist is pretty much the understatement of the year, seeing as he wrote the majority of the music on this album, then proceeded to play the Hammond XB-2, microKorg, Moog Voyager, guitar, pan pipes, Vietnamese jaw harp, congas, a wooden flute, the violin, a 10-stringed harp, and about ten other instruments during the recording process. A little help from bandmates Greg Davis, Robert AA Lowe, Adam Vida, and Michael Zerang, and the new album was born. “Green Vines” is a fine example of the many ways in which Vida is adept with arranging instruments. Photo by Katy Fischer.

Bird Show – Green Vines