A lot of phrases get thrown around haphazardly within the electronic music spectrum, collage artist being one of them, but in the case of LA-based Chad Valencia (a.k.a. yuk.), it fits perfectly. On “greenflash(ritual),” Chad shows his ability to create distorted ambient sound collages with a gritty sizzle that holds all the different elements together, utilizing no computers in the process. The track begins as a slowly bubbling mash of noise with sounds trickling up from beneath the dense layers until, a little past halfway through, a lazy and distorted rhythm begins and pushes methodically alongside a swirling vocal sample. yuk.’s newest release, a d w a, where you’ll find “greenflash(ritual)” alongside 11 others, including one featuring XLR8R favorite Teebs, can be found digitally via LA’s tape-music mecca Leaving Records. Looks like the original pressing of 100 cassettes from the My Hollow Drum imprint has already sold out, but luckily there’s probably enough tape noise on all these tracks that we’ll be able to get the same feeling from the mp3s. (via Altered Zones)