Producer, DJ, and resident of Amsterdam’s renowned Trouw club, Nuno Dos Santos will launch his new label, Something Happening Somewhere, in the coming weeks, with its inagural release coming from fellow Dutch talent Love Over Entropy. The forthcoming Off the Grid EP offers two originals from the budding producer, as well as remixes from Versalife and the rework offered here by Dutch producer Melon (also known to operate as Ratio). On his version of “Groundswell,” Melon infuses Love Over Entropy’s track with an extra dose of disco vibes, rendering the tune a lighthearted dancefloor exercise in which playful percussion and kitschy FX join sparse smatterings of galactic synthwork and a DFA-reminiscent bassline. It all makes for an effort that’s just downright fun.

Groundswell (Melon’s Disco Mix)