Danish producer Nick Eriksen (a.k.a. Taragana Pyjarama) has somehow managed to take this piece of already-blissful Spanish dance pop to even more blissful heights—and we’re sure glad he did. “Grow” (originally from Delorean‘s 2010 LP, Subiza) has its tempo noticeably slowed down and all traces of a recognizable vocal stripped away, but this version stills feels familiar in the most comforting sense. How could one object to the bubbling, heavenly synths and twinkling arpeggiators that adorn its mid-tempo, feel-good core? How could one resist the warm, glistening pads or the bubbling tropical percussion that simmers beneath the remix’s surface? We sure can’t. All that’s left to do is hope that Taragana Pyjarama has some new material coming down the pipeline, as we’ll surely be craving more of these sun-soaked vibes in the coming months. (via Esquire España)

Grow (Pyjarama Remix)

Grow (Taragana Pyjarama Remix)