On the surface, “Gryphon Perc” by Savannah producer Cc (formerly C Powers) is a standardized exercise in contemporary garage: R&B vocals trace around a skipping beat, soft synths tease out of the rhythm, and bulbous sub-bass supplants the kicks to provide some dancefloor legitimacy. Dig deeper, though, and you’ll find a bevy of Hessle-like polyrhythms ricocheting through the tune’s skeleton, providing an ideal framework for the track’s rather looming and all-consuming sub to take control. The groove of the track is thus very deep, and as “Gryphon Perc” snakes its way through a jungle of percussive tricks, that incessant R&B vocal so common in underground dance music today becomes a desperate, cloyingly sweet marker of the song’s evolution from typical to twisted. The Up Wind EP is out now via JASS, and features seven tracks in total, including a remix from fellow Georgia boy Helix. Peep the official video for “K-Share,” another jam off of Cc’s EP, after the jump.

03 Gryphon Perc