A UK producer now based in Shanghai, China, Conrank will join the, well, ranks of the beat-focused Saturate label next week with his 7-track Exhale Therapy EP. Amongst the collection of new productions is “Gunspitter” a G-funk-laced effort which wraps bright chord stabs and gliding synth melodies around the track’s titular vocal sample and an ever-evolving set of booming rhythms. Set to drop on September 30 via Saturate, Conrank’s Exhale Therapy EP—which features a collaboration with turntable maven DJ Shadow on its title track—can be previewed after the jump.

1. Steam
2. Running This
3. Exhale Therapy (ft. DJ Shadow)
4. Two Step (ft. Subp Yao)
5. Gun Spitter
6. I Go In (ft. Goldfinger)
7. Beat Dough