We’ve been patiently waiting for new material to surface from UK wunderkind Lapalux since he first hipped us to his plans back in our Bubblin’ Up feature this past August. Clearly, it was worth the wait, as “Gutter Glitter”—the first track to be unveiled from his just-announced EP for FlyLo’s Brainfeeder imprint—does not disappoint. Lapalux’s knack for folding countless layers and minute details into his productions seems as sharp as ever, and the song that results here is an intensely intricate, finely sculpted piece of moody electronics. Through the constantly shifting percussive pilings and warm, buzzing bass tones, some James Blake-esque vocal manipulations appear, gliding in a pleasantly bizarre pattern of entirely unhuman R&B. Needless to say, we’ll be glad to get our hands on the six other tracks that are slated to accompany “Gutter Glitter” on the When You’re Gone EP when it drops on February 7. (via Pitchfork)