H.O.S.H. and HearThug‘s “Technicolour” was released on Kev OBrien‘s Stranjjur Imprint back in 2012. At the time of release—and in the years since—the record caused quite a stir the world over via critics and DJs alike: it was named as track of the month in DJ Mag, SoundEffect Mag praised it as “One of the top tracks of 2012 by far,” and it was a fixture in the sets of Ibiza stalwarts such as Solomon and Soul Clap.

Just before the label took a two-year hiatus, OBrien turned his hand to the seminal track and gave it a fresh, deep overhaul. Leaving its hair-raising moments intact, OBrien reworked the cut with a driving low end that gives it a peak-time twist. Unreleased up until now, it’s sure to reignite the flame the original track first lit back in 2012.

As a proper goodbye to the label, OBrien has planned a two-part compilation that will feature several new remixes of tracks from its catalog, as well as reissues and several more unreleased cuts that were ignored the first time around. The compilation will see the light of day later in the year and, in the meantime, you can download Kev OBrien’s remix of “Technicolour” via WeTransfer below.

Technicolour (Kev Obrien ‘Scenic Route’ Remix)