Sabota, much like many collaborations between figures from divergent backgrounds, is a detour from both parties’ respective discographies. On one end, Vancouver house and techno staple Max Ulis provides the project with club sensibilities and a hefty serving of low-end depth. On the other, Robbie Slade of homegrown synthpop-group Humans balances Ulis’ tendencies towards bass-heavy darkness with a refreshing dose of accessibility. Together, they swap roles frequently, taking turns with songwriting and production duties. Despite releasing only a 2014 self-titled debut in addition to a concise EP with eclectic US producer Grenier, the duo’s sound palate is ambitious and highly expansive.

Ulis and Slade have submitted their own reworking of “Guernica,” a piece by Japanese composer Hajime Mizoguchi, for today’s XLR8R download. The mellowed-out, summer-ready tune provides a dazzling taste of what the pair have in store for the near future.

Grab it via WeTransfer below.