OK, maybe Baths‘ face (and music) has been plastered all over the interwebs during the past few months, but how can you not love this chubby-cheeked kid from the Valley? The guy takes all his youthful emo urges and runs them through a bedroom hip-hop filter. People are tripping over themselves to crown him the new prince of chillwave-hop (or some other similarly invented genre), but we just think it’s some smile-inducing electronic pop. And somehow, when Baths (a.k.a. Will Wiesenfeld) hands the reigns of “Hall” over to fellow Southern Californian The One Am Radio (a.k.a. Hrishikesh Hirway), the song becomes even more delightful, as Hirway makes the whole thing a little more organic—think real drums—and swaps out Wiesenfeld’s falsetto for the dulcet tones of the Los Feliz Ladies Choir. Baths’ debut album, Cerulean, will be released on July 6. (via Streogum)

Baths – Hall (The One AM Remix Feat The Los Feliz Ladies Choir)