Jan St. Werner stepped away from his work with Von Sudenfed and Mouse on Mars to release another album under his Lithops guise. The resulting YE VIOLS, which will drop January 27, is limited to a mere 1,000 copies that will come packaged with an 11″ x 17″ poster and a hand-printed cover (that’s on recycled paper, no less).

“Handed” originally premiered at at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin, accompanying an exhibition by Rosa Barba and David Maljkovic. Ever the experimentalist, Werner’s turned over yet-another eclectic collage.

01 Graf
02 Handed
03 Sebquenz
04 21. Jhrdt
05 In Nitro
06 Apps 1
07 Apps 2
08 Bacchus
09 Penrose Ave.
10 Inductech
11 Wammo

Lithops Handed