The UK’s Shades of Grey collective has announced its next release, a collection of remixes of tracks from Fybe:one‘s Harp EP. The London-based producer hand picked 12 artists to remix his record from earlier this year, tapping upstarts like Chesslo Junior, Soosh, and Deft to toy with his productions. The latter beatmaker just offered up a bonus footwork ersion of “Harmonic Curve,” which finds him molding the tune around delicate, shuddering percussion and faraway vocal samples. Fybe:one’s Harp Remixes doesn’t come out until November 5, but you can check out its tracklist and artwork after the jump.

01. Aeolian (Troy Gunner Remix)
02. Harmonic Curve (Deft Remix)
03. Suffocate (Mute Speaker Remix)
04. Kora (Jamie Wilder Remix)
05. Enclosed (Duct Remix)
06. Harmonic Curve (Capes Remix)
07. Aeolian (Blacksmif Remix)
08. So What (Aether Remix)
09. Kora (Soosh Remix)
10. Enclosed (10 David Remix)
11. So What (Chesslo Junior Remix)
12. Suffocate (Warsnare Remix)

Harmonic Curve (Deft Footwork Remix)