The 2999 Project is an ongoing collaborative endeavor headed by the King Deluxe label in which producers, writers, and visual artists are invited to create the sights, sounds, and stories they imagine will represent the world in the year 2999. The latest contribution to the series comes from Michael Red, a Vancouver producer and head of the fledgling Low Indigo label, whose “Harpoon” production comes accompanied by a cautionary tale (penned by one Bevan Bartlett) in which the inhabitants of the world Harpoon must “eke out a living amid the ruins of their overconfidence.” As such, Red’s production is a somber endeavor, one which takes the “harp” of Harpoon at face value, twisting stringed samples around an evolving chorus of airy voices and an unwavering rhythmic pulse. Red’s contribution to the The 2999 Project can be grabbed below, while past efforts for the collection from the likes of Slugabed, Raffertie, Max Ulis, and others can be grabbed here.