The thing that makes chillwave such an easy genre to poke fun at (aside from the deplorable title, of course) is the ease and frequency with which these youngsters write, record, and share their music. But maybe that’s its strong point, too; the songs you’re hearing are born of a youthful exuberance that stems from the immediacy of their creation and unveiling. One such producer, San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird is a high-school student named Mikey S, who’s making electronic bedroom-pop that leans heavily on twinkling synth tones, patently reverb-laden coos, and simple, thumping dance beats. “Hawaii” is a fine example of the music maker’s knack for catchy melodies and vocal hooks that speak directly to your uncynical, lighthearted inner teen. You can snag a whole lot more of Blackbird Blackbird’s material here on his Tumblr page, and buy his new album Summer Hearthere. (via Get Off the Coast)