We last heard from Canadia-born, Brooklyn-based producer Landon Speers (a.k.a. Headaches) last year when his track “Stagest” landed in our downloads section via Brooklyn label Connect. Originally founded by Rioux and Brandon Sanchez as an event series, Connect evolved organically into fully fledged label, pushing out stellar releases from artists such as Headaches and co-founder Rioux in its three-year life. The label is now re-branding as Human Pitch to create a more specific and singular identity, focusing on “warm and personable art that reflects nature in harmony with technology.” Headaches “Steev” is one of the first tracks to land on Human Pitch after the re-brand and perfectly sums up the label’s sound. Sultry and organic, “Steev” wraps its reverb-laden atmospherics around chopped, swirling vocals for four minutes of house bliss. You can pick up “Steeve” as a free download below, and stay up to date on all things Human Pitch here.