London’s A.G. Cook has been enlisted to deliver a twisted, hilarious, knocking, and sort of crazy remix to close out DJ DJ Booth‘s (yes, that is actually his handle) forthcoming Todd Edwards Falling Down The Stairs EP for Slugabed’s Activia Benz imprint. Reworking the record’s somewhat relaxed “Heaven” track, A.G. Cook spins together an 808-minded effort that pulses at an accelerated pace and is occasionally enhanced by a smooth set of electric piano notes and re-pitched flute samples, but what really sets the track apart is its vocal contribution—a helium-lifted, tongue-in-cheek, stream-of-consciousness quasi-rap that covers everything from cheap drinks, trying on clothes, sending emails, and running through genre names. DJ DJ Booth’s full Todd Edwards Falling Down The Stairs EP will see an official release on November 25.

Heaven (A.G. Cook Remix)