Born and raised in the southwest corner of Detroit, DJ Rolando (full name Rolando Ray Rocha) was exposed to the most prominent electronic music export of his hometown from an early age. After hearing a set from Jeff Mills as The Wizard in the mid-’80s, Rocha became enamored with his local techno scene, eventually joining Underground Resistance through Mike Banks in 1994. Since then, Rolando has relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland, tried his hand at UK funky, & started his own label, R3 Roland Rocha Records.

Hector, who takes inspiration from many similar sounds of the Motor City, has been equally busy as of late. With a solo EP on his own Vatos Locos Recordings on top of a summer residency at the legendary Club Der Visionaere in Berlin, the London-via-Mexico DJ-producer stands triumphantly at techno’s front lines on a global scale.

Entitled Jacuzzi Killer, the EP calls up Rolando midway through to add his own layer of four-on-the-floor depth to Hector’s club-shaking tracks. Download a Rolando remix of Hector’s EP cut “Flu Plus” below. 

Flu Plus (Rolando Remix)