This particular remix had its roots planted last year when nocturnally tinged, Manchester-bred producer Holy Other and London-based house alchemist Fort Romeau (pictured above) embarked on a tour together. After a few months of stewing and retooling, Romeau finally offered his rework up as a free giveaway on his SoundCloud earlier today. Romeau’s remix of the title track and standout cut from Holy Other’s debut LP for Tri Angle, Held, is clever in all the right ways. Right from the opening kicks—which are paired with only the original’s pointed and poignant R&B chops—things proceed in the order one might expect: a fluttering organ, sharp rides, and wind-tunnel synths creep in, gradually expanding outward and filling out the sonic space. Still, for being a relatively straightforward arrangement, Romeau’s formula completely works, building up and breaking down beautifully until it ends quite literally where it began.

Held (Fort Romeau Remix)