On August 13, Houston-based label Freshmore’s catalog will reach 10 offerings with the release of Cosmic Revenge‘s Crystal Skies. The record, which also features b-side “Here With Me,” boasts a slew of remixes by a list of up-and-comers that includes Texan producer Arms & Suites, who won us over with his 2010 track “Brainwash.” Now, following up his most recent offering for Freshmore alongside DJ Yayyay and Droplette, last year’s “Microchips” single, Arms & Suites is back to give “Here With Me” a treatment that encases its skittering rhythms in an even thicker shell of glacial synths than before. Once you get your fill of this version, you can preview the rest of Cosmic Revenge’s Crystal Skies, after the jump.

Here With Me (Arms & Suites Mix)