Applescal’s Atomnation label begins its 2014 run with a new EP from Dutchman David Douglas—whose full-bodied, vocal-sprinkled “Higher” serves as the title track for a record which will arrive on January 27 backed by three remixes, including this one from Amsterdam duo Weval. “Higher” moves with a lighter step in Weval’s hands, the space between its floating chords acts as an area for airy percussion and the echoes of artificial space to thrive. This is true for the first half at least, as Weval eventually can’t resist laying into an almost marching rhythm for his rework’s final run, pairing its steady stomp with a lazily brooding bassline. “Higher (Weval Remix)” will appear on the forthcoming Higher EP alongside other versions from Throwing Snow and Matheis, and—of course—Douglas’ original version of the tune, which can be streamed in full after the jump.

Higher (Weval Remix)