The Huntleys & Palmers party began in 2007 in Glasgow as a boutique hub for forward-thinking dance music, and now, after years of energizing dancefloors—not to mention a move to London—the H&P crew is expanding its operations and launching a proper record label. The first release comes from Auntie Flo, another Glaswegian, albeit one who’s originally from Goa, India. His Goan Highlife EP (artwork pictured above) includes two slices of percussion-heavy house music with an upbeat, almost tribal feel. Although “Highlife” doesn’t bear many traces of the distinctive guitar melodies that define the African genre of the same name, the tune’s incessant drums and occasional bursts of swirling synths still combine to form an infectious listen, which is probably why people like Villalobos and Optimo have been featuring the song in their sets. The song also features an equally fun, dance-filled video, which we’ve posted below, and folks in London can celebrate its release in person at the Huntleys & Palmers label launch party at Plastic People on April 9. Auntie Flo will be spinning alongside T. Williams and others, while Mim Suleiman will be performing live. Check the flyer with all the details after the jump.