Former rapper J-Zone’s focus is all about production these days, but his latest project is no regular album. Entitled Live @ The Liqua Sto, the project is, according to the DJ and producer, “a fun collection of one-minute booze ads,” and this particular jingle also takes a gleeful stab at the good old American South. So the story goes, J-Zone and cohort Chief Chinchilla found a random redneck to throw down some crass-yet-entertaining rhymes about something vaguely referred to here as “hillbilly beer,” though whether this drink is moonshine or Bud is never specifically stated. Elsewhere on Liqua Sto, Prince Paul, RA the Rugged Man, E-Swift, and others contribute to tracks that discuss everything from White Castle to womanizing.

J-Zone Presents… Chief Chinchilla Hillbilly Beer (ft. Jethro The Rappin’ Redneck)