The third instalment of Youngbloods‘ 2019 Spring programme is the debut self-titled album from Brooklyn-based electroacoustic collaborative project Hilsa, guided by guitarist Kallie Lampel (JASS, Phlebotomists) and cellist Steve Goodwin (p.k.a Skeleton Zoo.) Presented on limited edition cassette and across digital channels, Hilsa is a subtle cinematic narration that floats in and out of focus, see-sawing between hazy harmonies in a perpetual reconstruction of ambient, iridescent forms.

Through their solo projects, Lampel and Goodwin found a mutual affinity for peripheral melodies and ethereal soundscapes, and in 2016 the duo started developing a technique to sample and affect one another’s instrumentation. By interweaving Lampel’s warm guitar work with Goodwin’s mini-orchestra of bells, music boxes, and cello, the two were able to delicately conjure a sense of familiarity and unplaced nostalgia, allowing rich patterns to be dismantled and remade.

Hilsa will be available from Youngbloods starting April 19 across digital channels and on a limited run of dark blue super ferric cassette tapes that include a pull-out featuring 11 custom hard-carved block prints. In support of the LP, you can download “Knight Swam” via the WeTransfer button below, or here for EU readers due to GDPR restrictions. 


A1. Ilish

A2. Wash

A3. Harp Excavated

A4. saddestsongintheworld

B1. Lupe Moss

B2. Cathedral

B3. Bog Folk

B4. Glass Node

B5. Glass Something 

B6. Knight Swam