Projekt LAB is a music club from Poznan, Poland located in a 100-year -old distillery. Born of out a love for the sound system culture, it has been promoting alternative electronic music for five years, inviting artists like Ancient Methods, Kangding Ray, Fis, Headless Horseman, Emptyset, Aisha Devi, Vatican Shadow, Spirit & Amit, Xosar, Kahn, Terence Fixmer, Edit Select, Legowelt, Schwefelgelb, and Umwelt, just to name a few.

The club is now set to release a V/A compilation called 5 Years Of Projekt LAB. The record is dominated by a multi-genre sound, this diversity characterizes the venue from the very beginning. It’s composed of songs from the artists close to the club, showing a cross-section of the Polish club scene, with an emphasis on artists from the venue’s home city, Poznan, and a very special foreign guest: Alexey Volkov.

In support of the release, which arrives on May 5, you can download Hitman “Dot” via the WeTransfer button below.


01. Raq “Aether”
02. Figiel & Rraph “Hermit”
03. Michal Gutkowski “Synth Tribe”
04. MELANIA. “This Is All We’ve Got”
05. Alexey Volkov “Rotten Consumer”
06. Cosmaya “Compulsions”
07. Sept “Ransome”
08. Michal Nowak “Murora Atoll”
09. Concept Of Thrill “Consist”
10. Kuba Sojka “1998”
11. Michal Wolski “Medallion”
12. Dw4ll “Onaut”
13. Julian Kulczynski “untitled1”
14. Tawbaq “Catacombs”
15. MRTN. “Warehouse Jam”
16. Szatt “Moon Landing”
17. Qubey “psysetter”
18. Hitman “Dot”
19. Hitman “Mantra” (Paszczak Remix)
20. Krypt “Organic Patterns”