If this track wasn’t labeled as a remix, we would’ve immediately assumed that we were being treated to a brand-new original from our favorite spun-out drag trio, Salem (pictured above). But even though we do know this is a supposed ‘reworking’ of “Hologram” by These New Puritans, we can’t seem to find anything connecting that original track to this new one. It’s sort of like the band said, “Hey Salem, we love your work! Would you guys be into remixing one of our songs?” and Salem agreed but forgot to do it by the deadline, so instead just gave them an unreleased song they’d been sitting on and called it a remix. Don’t get us wrong, though; we’re not complaining. Salem’s ‘remix’ of “Hologram” finds all of the outfit’s hallmarks intact: synthetic vocal melodies, ominous synth tones, crunk beats, and that irreplaceable, pitched-down slur. Keep it coming, guys.

01 Hologram (Salem Remix)